A sampling of my web presence and some sites you may find of interest



For a feature as Selected Poet in Abbey of the Arts, which includes some poems, as well as audio and video readings of my work, please visit:  Abbey of the Arts, Selected Poet Series. I encourage you to browse this wonderful site for the work of other poets and for inspiration within that world of Spiritual/Religious and Creative convergence.  

For a conversational piece about my background and some thoughts about poetry, you may wish to read an interview, conducted by Leah Price of the Daily Press when I was appointed Virginia Poet Laureate in 2012, by visiting the site: Writers’ Block with Leah Price

For an interview, hosted by Kelsey Clark, during my visit to Michigan State University as Virginia Poet Laureate, you may wish to follow this link: Center for Poetry MSU 

For an interview which took place shortly after my appointment as Virginia Poet Laureate, you may visit this site: Writing Without Paper 

This link will take you to a 2018 interview, where I describe the process behind the writing of The Consequence of Moonlight:  Speaking of Marvels

This link will take you to a video reading of poems from Fully Into Ashes, prepared in February 2011 at the request of the Huffington Post: Poems from Fully Into Ashes

This link will take you to a video reading of one of my poems by Mark Burrows, Poetry Editor of Paraclete Press: The Way We Thrive  

These links will take you to presses that have published my work: Wings Press ,  Pavement Saw Press,  Cedar Creek Press, Paraclete Press

If you’d like to view some readings of my poems, you may wish to visit the following sites:

A Mode of Permanence   

The Search for Good 


Seven Poems 

The Previous Hour 


Two Poems at the Iris Art Shop

The Limp and Nightlife

For a poem recorded for The Poetry Archive in 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, you may click here Sofia Starnes. The Poetry Archive.  

I’m not a very active web browser, preferring the touch of paper in my hands for everything poetic, but I’m  happy to list a few links you may find valuable:

The Poetry Society of Virginia

The Poetry Archive

Academy of American Poets

The Virginia Writers Club 

The Poetry Foundation 

The Conference of Christianity and Literature