A sampling of my web presence and some sites you may find of interest



For a feature as Selected Poet in Abbey of the Arts, which includes some poems, as well as audio and video readings of my work, please visit:  Abbey of the Arts, Selected Poet Series. I encourage you to browse this wonderful site for the work of other poets and for inspiration within that world of Spiritual/Religious and Creative convergence.  

For a conversational piece about my background and some thoughts about poetry, you may wish to read an interview, conducted by Leah Price of the Daily Press when I was appointed Virginia Poet Laureate in 2012, by visiting the site: Writers’ Block with Leah Price

For an interview, hosted by Kelsey Clark, during my visit to Michigan State University as Virginia Poet Laureate, you may wish to follow this link: Center for Poetry MSU 

For an interview which took place shortly after my appointment as Virginia Poet Laureate, you may visit this site: Writing Without Paper 

This link will take you to a 2018 interview, where I describe the process behind the writing of The Consequence of Moonlight:  Speaking of Marvels

This link will take you to a video reading of poems from Fully Into Ashes, prepared in February 2011 at the request of the Huffington Post: Poems from Fully Into Ashes

This link will take you to a video reading of one of my poems by Mark Burrows, Poetry Editor of Paraclete Press: The Way We Thrive  

These links will take you to presses that have published my work: Wings Press ,  Pavement Saw Press,  Cedar Creek Press, Paraclete Press

If you’d like to view some readings of my poems, you may wish to visit the following sites:

A Mode of Permanence   

The Search for Good 


Seven Poems 

The Previous Hour 


Two Poems at the Iris Art Shop

The Limp and Nightlife

If you visit the website of The Anglican Theological Review, which I serve as Poetry Editor and Poetry Book Review Editor, you will find guidelines for submissions.  

I’m not a very active web browser, preferring the touch of paper in my hands for everything poetic, but I’m  happy to list a few links you may find valuable:

The Poetry Society of Virginia

The Poetry Archive

Academy of American Poets

The Virginia Writers Club 

The Poetry Foundation 

The Conference of Christianity and Literature